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App of the Week: Coffitivity

Ever felt it was too loud to get your head down and crack on with some work? Or felt it was too quiet and too hard to be creative? Well Coffitivity is here to save your from the clutches of silence, and take you back into the realms of creativity.

Research has shown working productively in areas which are too quite and too loud is practically impossible. But working in an environment which has a mixture of calmness and commotion about it is enough to get your creative juices flowing, without being distracting. 

Coffitivity brings to you the sound of a coffee shop, which you play along with your own music to create the environment perfect for working. They've also recently added a few more places to listen to, and you can even submit your own sounds to use on their website. 

Coffitivity - screenshot

Since discovering it, I never do any serious work without the sweet sounds of the coffee shop playing in the background. I do find it easier to work while using, but I'd think that also depends on what music you listen to over it. I've found it works well with Jazz, but also Dubstep or Drum and Bass if that's more your thing. 

You can start working more productively by using the Coffitivity site, or their new Android app. There's also apps for iOS and Mac. 


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