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PSA: Getting Your Free 6 Months of Google Play All Access on Your New Droid Device

It is being reported that many people are having difficulties getting their free 6 months of Google Play All Access, if they are currently trying their initial free month, or have already subscribed. The good news is Android Waypoint has figured out what you have to do to fix it, without calling Google Play.If you are trying to get your free 6 months of Google Play All Access you were promised when you bought your new Droid device, you may run into issues if you're already an All Access user. If you follow these steps, you should be able to achieve your goal and get All Access.

First you have to cancel your current All Access Subscription. 
  • To do that, open your Google Play Store on your Motorola device. 
  • Open up Google Play Music. 
  • After you open up Google Play Music's page, you should have a subscription status near the top of the screen.
  • click on it, and then click cancel. 
  • Leave the play store.
  • Open up your settings. 
  • From Settings, Open up your "Apps" screen.
  • Select Google Play Music.
  •  After that screen opens, click Clear Data. Doing this will restart the app as if it was newly installed.
  • Open the Google Play Music app back up, and your 6 Month offer should pop right up.
Hopefully this helps you.


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