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Moto X's "OK Google" Coming to Nexus 5

One of the best Moto X features that really sets it apart from other competitors is its  always listening mic which has been demoed on a Nexus 5 in a video showcasing the the phone waking up upon hearing that magic phrase. 

Cut Out Your Texting While Driving

To say that I haven’t at one point or another, used my phone while driving, would be a lie. I actually used to do it quite a bit. It’s not something I am proud of, but I am proud of how I have kicked that nasty habit. I wanted to share a few brief thoughts as to how I did it, and maybe you can do it too.

Nexus 5 - My Review

If you have read my article (Nexus 4 - Is it still relevant?), you should possess a fairly good idea how Google approaches devices and what the vision for 2013 was. Well, 2013 is over and Google has gone ahead with their vision in dramatic fashion. What we experience now is Nexus 5 and a laser focus on the software experience. How does the device stack up against the competition and what does Google’s focus on software and the “Google Experience” mean for the marketplace and Android at large?

App of the Week: Coffitivity

Ever felt it was too loud to get your head down and crack on with some work? Or felt it was too quiet and too hard to be creative? Well Coffitivity is here to save your from the clutches of silence, and take you back into the realms of creativity.

Wearable Tech - Early 2014 Edition

Wearables is the tech hot word of 2014. Everyone is talking about it and analysts are predicting it to be the next big thing. What is wearable tech, and why is it important to understand what it does for you? 

What's Next for Motorola?

With the success of the Moto X, and the new Droid line, it appears as Motorola has begun to build some steam again. However, with the sale of Motorola to Lenovo, and no new devices announced, what does the future hold? Hopefully Motorola will continue to run as an independent operation to Lenovo, as they did with Google. However, what new devices could we see from them.

Lumia 1520. Best of the Best?

After years of back and fourth between iOS and Android, I found what was arguably, one of the best Smartphones on the market, the Galaxy Note 2. As time passed, I looked with high anticipation to the now released Note 3. However, while it's a decent upgrade, just wasn't enough to pull me away from the Note 2.